Python Automation Cookbook by Jaime Buelta

Work in Progress .. this blog needs more work.  I am using Jaime’s book as a key Python resource at present.  I find myself dipping in and out of this book frequently.   I get  many valuable take aways and insights here that are improving my Python skills.

So here is the blog so far ,  more to follow ….

Tom Shaw introduced me to Jaime Buelta at PyCon Ireland 2018 in Dublin.  Jaime is author of a new Python book called the “Python Automation Cookbook” .  It’s really cool that a member of the local Dublin Python community has published on Python.  Given my interest in Python, I got a copy of Jaime’s book.  Automation is an interesting theme for a Python book, because for the professional Python programmer this is a major focus area and responsibility.

The need for Python Automation

Much of the software that runs todays’ enterprise is automated, running without manual intervention.  Think of today’s web scale businesses that run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Its customers can go online in any timezone, any geographical location using any device.   As Python continues to increase in popularity, more and more of these automated jobs are written in Python, requiring the characteristic  fire-and-forget quality of the automated job.

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Miguel Grinberg key note at PyCon Dublin 2018 (and blogging)

Having started my blog, decided on and paid for (yes you heard right, hard cash) 3 years WordPress hosting.  Now I need the inspiration  to blog, and blog  for at least the next 3 years. For this inspiration I can turn to Miguel Grinberg and his key note speech at PyCon Dublin 2018.  Miguel is a programmer, a technical writer and a blogger.

I first met Miguel at last years PyCon Dublin, Miguel introduced himself when I was chatting to my friend Niall Kennedy, .  Niall said “Your the guy who wrote that great Python book on Flask.  I  thought myself Python by studying and practicing your Flask  tutorials”  This is Miguel’s classic Python book  –  “Flask Web Development”, now in it second edition,  from O’Reilly publishers.

In his key note Miguel talked about the pleasure he has got from  programming throughout his life.  He told the story of how as a teenager in Argentina, he figured out how to program his Commodore 64 to do boring accountancy homework.   Other students found out that his program could also do their homework – so as a result he made lots of school friends and became the cool geek in school.

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Starting to Blog (Again)

Hi there – welcome to my new blog

The first decision in starting to blog is to choose the blogging platform.  I found this article from about choosing the best blogging platform for 2018.  This article claimed that is the web’s leading blogging software.  A big attraction of this software to me is that it is open source.  I am a fan of open source software because I believe it gives me the most control and freedom.

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